What Are Some of The Benefits of Learning Languages During Infancy?

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Numerous studies have shown that the best way to learn a second language is at an early age, when the brain is considered more flexible, open and perceptive, shortening the time for learning both vocabulary and grammar. Early bilingualism increases cognitive development and improves communication skills, whilst at the same time having a direct influence on future employment considering just how important languages such as German, French and especially Spanish have become internationally. Learning a different language during infancy offers a number of benefits, some of which we will go into now.


Faster and Easier Learning

Unlike adolescents and adults, children have a more flexible schedule for devoting time to learn a new language, not to mention lacking the embarrassment present in adults; Furthermore, one of the greatest challenges in learning a new language is reducing ones accent, something than can be overcome quicker and more effectively during infancy.

Superior Cognitive Development

According to a study published by the Georgetown Medical University, people who are able to speak more than one language have a greater amount of gray matter in the executive brain region when compared to those you cannot; Decades ago however, this was ironically considered a disadvantage due to the presence of two different vocabularies, supposedly stinting ones language skills development.

This however has now completely changed with bilingual people being considered more effective at fulfilling tasks that require greater concentration and having better short-term memories; The head of this study, Guinevere Eden, states that people who Speak both English and Spanish have superior cognitive development due to the constant use of both languages.

Improved Communication Skills

Being bilingual also helps improve communication skills, reassuring ones confidence in times of stress and pressure whilst also improving social skills and improving attention span. One of the more forgotten benefits of learning a second language is improving one’s ability to empathize – Learning a new language brings new cultures, customs and mentalities which at times can be completely different to their own.

A Bonus For Obtaining Future Employment

As to be expected, speaking a second language is an added value in a world which is now fully globalized, where the most prominent of jobs demand this requirement; Consequently, acquiring another language during infancy saves the hassle of having to learn another language whilst studying at university etc. providing an invaluable advantage.


These are just some of the benefits that learning a language during infancy can provide, especially if you choose Spanish, which is now the second most spoken language in the world; At ISC summer camps, we understand the best way to learn and assimilate a foreign language is to spend a period of time in the country to which the language pertains, whilst also providing learning packages that include sports such as golf, hockey, tennis and football – A perfect combination that captivates hundreds of adolescents every year.

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