7 Benefits of Studying A Spanish Course In Spain

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What does the Spanish society, history and culture have that has managed to captivate the student public so much? Providing an exact answer to that question is not easy feat, however there are thousands of potential motives which could be behind it; Taking a Spanish course in Spain is one of the most popular ways to live a unique experience and benefit from both bilingualism and linguistic immersion as well as the possibility of broadening our horizons and learning one of the most beneficial international languages. If you enjoyed our article about the advantages of learning new languages during infancy, you cannot afford to miss out on these incredible benefits – They are guaranteed to surprise you!


Travel and Discover A Fascinating Country and Society

Did you know that Spain has been declared the second country in the world with the most World Heritage Sites by UNESCO? This privilege helps us understand why cities like Valencia, Barcelona and Seville have become the highlights for international tourism; For the younger generation, plunging into a culture so different and exotic and integrating with its people whilst participating in its traditions and customs is an unforgettable and priceless experience.

Learn An International Language

Would you like to join a community comprised of more than 550 million speakers? Spanish, the third most spoken language on an international level, has gained countless fans and followers during the last decade, now being considered one of the most useful languages for the workplace; At this current moment in time, more than 20 million people are studying the Spanish language, according to the latest reports conducted by the ‘Instituto Cervantes’ institute. Further confirming its importance and growth is the recent Spanish edition of ‘The New York Times’, which was launched last year to expand its coverage to Hispanic readers.

Living With Spanish, 24/7

Linguists and teachers all agree on the importance of studying and practicing Spanish in a country which is it’s native dialect, guaranteeing an uninterrupted exposure to both the language and culture whilst helping assimilation and learning in a fast, fun and enjoyable way.

Reduced Native Accent

Eliminating ones native accent quickly and efficiently is one of the greatest challenges International students face, especially those of Anglo-Saxon and Germanic origin, whose pronunciation can be too clashing with Latin-based languages. One of the benefits and advantages of linguistic immersion is the reduction of one’s native accent, due to the students being in permanent contact with the language and regional dialect, which are not always reflected in manuals and textbooks.

Benefits of Bilingualism

As you probably already know, learning two or more languages provides us with countless cognitive abilities – A more agile mind, a greater ability to memorize, problem solving skills, handling multi-tasking activities etc.

… And Multiculturalism

‘A different language is a different take on life.’ Students coming into contact with a new culture for the first time agree with Federico Fellini – Not only does it expand on their knowledge of the world around them, but also helps develop a more open and flexible mind, in turn promoting both emotional and personal growth.


A More Solid Curriculum Vitae

It’s safe to say that bilingual and polyglot people have greater capabilities in succeeding in the professional world; Perfect examples being Richard Simcott, Matthew Youlden, Ioannis IkonomouAnd, as well as many others. If you decide to study a Spanish course in Spain, you will be adding a very powerful ally to your CV, that will help convince companies and corporations to employ you.

Enjoying Absolute Independence

We cannot forget to mention the benefits that are acquired by thousands of students each year – Freedom and absolute independence; In most cases, an academic stay away from ones homely environment promotes confidence, security and leadership.

It’s safe to say there are no shortages of reasons to take a Spanish course in Spain – Growing on a personal level and strengthening our academic preparation being just some of them; Exploring this wonderful country and living with a new language for seven days a week is one of the most rewarding experiences we can offer young students.

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