Which Is The Best Football Museum In The World?

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Are you passionate about Football and museums? If so, then you are sure to love the following paragraphs! It’s safe to say that it would be impossible to list all the museums that are dedicated to the king of sports, however we have made a collection of the very best on offer, which are considered an obligatory stop for the fans of this sport – Would you like to learn about the best Football museum in the world?

The official football museums of Real Madrid, Juventus, of Valencia, the popular J-Museum of Turín and the Camp Nou Experience, are the ideal places to enjoy this sport like never before with expositions, trophies, t-shirts and everything related to the sport in general. If you want to learn about some of the best football museums in the world, you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity!

‘Real Madrid Museum’, Located in Madrid

For the most enthusiastic of fans, visiting the museum dedicated to the club considered the best of the twentieth century, is an adventure like no other; Amongst the attractions this establishment located in Santiago Bernabéu has on offer, we can find Real Madrid trophy exhibitions, numerous biographies by Alfredo di Stefano, Raul Gonzalez, as well as many other Spanish football stars, a fascinating documentary as well as the ‘Real’ movie, without forgetting the 210 thousand objects that form the collections of this museum. A trip to this museum forms part of the ISC Spain’s programs for students that enjoy field trips to Madrid.


‘FIFA World Football Museum’, Located in Zurich

Considered by many to be the best football museum in the world, The FIFA World Football Museum, located in Zurich, Switzerland, offers fans an incredible experience presented via videos, photographs, historical objects, equipment, trophies, as well as many other elements that have shaped the dominant trajectory of the ‘International Federation of Association Football’ – FIFA.

‘Camp Nou Experience’, Located in Catalonia

Another spectacular museum within Europe, is the Camp Nou Experience, pertaining to the Barcelona Football Club; Since its erection in 1984, this establishment has delighted and intrigued fans from all corners of the globe with a football collection that is guaranteed to excite everybody, not just fans of the Barçca football club. With more than 1.5 million visitors per year, it is the museum with the second highest numbers of visitors in Catalonia – Very impressive indeed!

‘National Football Museum’, Located in Manchester

Located in the English city of Manchester, we can find the National Football Museum, an establishment unique to its kind, which is home to an enviable collection of 2,500 objects and 140,000 photographs, posters and paintings, all closely related to English football, however legendary Real Madrid player, di Stéfano, has a dominant presence in this museum, with the shirt he wore to win the Europe Cup in 1960, being on display for all to see.

‘Museo del Valencia CF’, Located in the Comunitat Valenciana

We could not forget about the official ‘Museo del Valencia CF’ museum, which is considered one of the most popular in Spain, having little to nothing to envy about its rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid; The tours this establishment has to offer take you to the VIP spots as well as showing you the vast collection of titles and trophies the Valencian team has won over the decades – If you are determined to visit, you must experience the ‘Mestalla Forever Tour’.

‘J-Museum’. Located in Turín

Pertaining to the legendary club Juventus, the ‘J-Museum’ is known as the greatest football fan attraction within the city of Turín; Over 2,000 square meters occupy its two floors filled with exhibitions, workshops, activities as well as countless rooms dedicated to Juventus – A legendary club that has been host to stars such as Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon as well as many other Italian elites of the sport.

It’s safe to say that the king of sports knows how to awaken a passion that transcends both time and space itself, as perfectly demonstrated by the aforementioned establishments, however, one question remains – Which do you consider the best football museum in the world?

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