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An Interview With – Dedicated To Supporting Sport and Local Sports Clubs That Are Always In A State of Crisis

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Emotion, entertainment and lots of sacrifice are just some of the elements of regional football, where the C.D.Eldense and other such clubs play every minute as if it were their last. We spoke with Marcos Guill , former captain and member of the Junta Gestora del Eldense , relying on his keen judgement to try to get through this devastating economic crisis and face the problems that threaten small teams – A day to day topic for

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An Interview With La Clase Baja del Tenis, “The Working Class Spaniard Cannot Afford To Play Professional Tennis.”

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Here at ISC Summer Camps in Spain, we are dedicated 100% to following the tennis stars in the making, we have interviewed Abel Rincón, personal trainer at the Tennis Academy Costa Dorada and creator of #LaClaseBajaDelTenis. From this initiative, a group of young tennis players reveal to us the inner workings of the Futures and ATP tournaments , which in recent years have become the target of all critics. Continue reading