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The Eel Causes Chaos In Valencian Gastronomy

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Not all Valencian gastronomy is based on rice and fish; the eel presents itself as an indispensible ingredient within this gastronomy, and is almost always present in dishes due to its nutritional values and irresistible taste. On both national and international levels, this blue fish is a different yet interesting plate which is sure to surprise even the most pickiest of palates – A true delicacy, who’s secrets we are about to unravel. Continue reading

5 Gastronomic Delicacies You Can Only Find In Alicante

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One of the strongest tourist attractions of Alicante is its gastronomy. Intense, balanced and healthy, the culinary wonders of this area have been captivating even the most demanding gourmets for generations. There is nothing quite like it, it is incomparable and unique – A treasure which we will unravel through these following famous dishes which can only be found in Alicante. Continue reading

Beauty, Tradition and Lots of Flavours, All Come Together On The Best Wine Tasting Routes In Alicante

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In the last few years, wine tasting has become an attractive and dynamic activity, not only for the foreign tourist, but also on a national level as well – It’s estimated that around 15 million Spaniards have visited a bodega. Tours in picturesque vineyards, seeing the detailed process of making wine whilst having the chance to taste some of the best vintages, make itan enjoyable activity for everybody alike. To discover the finest examples of this new tourist craze, we will delve into the Bodegas Sierra Salinas, Heretat de Cesilia and Bodegas Mendoza. Continue reading

Valencian Gastronomy – The Mediterranean Diet Treasure

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Within the Mediterranean diet, Valencian gastronomy holds a very special place, being considered one of the most healthy and balanced diets available. Paellas, stews, rice dishes and salads are some of its most popular dishes; topped with olive oil and fresh produce making them internationally popular. Continue reading