Discover The 10 Most Frequent Sports Injuries

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Sportsmen are constantly raising the bar on human limits; Every year they beat new records which are most likely to be beaten yet again by rising stars. However, sportsmen such as Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, Jimmy Connors and Rafael Nadal all share a common enemy – injuries capable of destroying a professional sports career. The following article will go through the 10 most frequent sports injuries that occur in each sport.

Lumbago – A Common Foe For Drivers and Motorcyclists Alike


Formula 1, the WTCC or the Motorcycle World Cup are all very taxing on participants on both a physical and mental level. G force levels ranging between 1,6G to 5,5G exerted on pilots are the prime cause of lumbago depending on the category they participate in. In 2012, Fernando Alonso has to bear up to 28G during the GP of Yas Marina, and Robert Kúbica surpassed 70G during an accident in Canada.

The Sprained Ankle – A Nightmare For Football Stars


Neymar, Andrés Iniesta, Forlán, Sergio Ramos and countless other football players have suffered it, yes we are talking about a sprained ankle, the most common injury in football and within sports in general; in order for ligament swelling and stiffness to subside, a sportsman must wait from anywhere between two weeks to a month for the injury to heal.

Lateral Epicondylitis AKA Tennis Elbow


Even though knees and ankles are the prime candidates for injuries, he fore-arm muscles receive massive amounts of tension from exerting such physical forces. This is known as lateral Epicondylitis, or more commonly known as Tennis Elbow – Another very frustrating injury.

Dorso Lumbalgia and Shoulder Dislocations – Cyclists Beware!


Shoulder dislocation is the prime culprit for many cyclists dropping out of the world of cycling; A strong blow to this part of the body can leave a cyclist out of competition for up to 3 months. We cannot forget about dorso lumbalgia either, as it can leave permanent damage in the spinal vertebrae.

Metacarpal Fracture AKA The Boxer’s Fracture


The Boxer’s Fracture, consists of the breaking of the bone which connects the little finger to the wrist – a very painful injury which can even separate various bones. Innumerable professional boxers have experienced this injury.

Sprained Ankles and Dislocations – Basketball’s Greatest Nemesis


Amongst all of the most common injures within the ACB and NBA, you will find the sprained ankle and dislocations as the most frequent as well as ligament tearing within fingers, wrists and ankles which can leave a player out of play for up to two months. Calderón, Kobe Bryant and Marc Gasol are all familiar with these injuries.

Condropatia Rotuliana – The Athletes Injury


As a consequence of elevated wearing down that the knee suffers from constant use, athletes develop Condropatia Rotuliana, a constant irritation that ends up damaging the cartilage behind the kneecap. Extremely common for athletes, this injury can keep them off the track for up to 6 months.

Tendonitis and Diverse Lumbagos, The Sailors Greatest Fear


Not even the sailors of the Volvo Ocean race or other naval based competitors are exempt from traumatization and injuries; tendonitis and numerous forms of lumbago are the main causes of forfeit within these sports – a blow Spanish sailors David Ruiz, Tara Pacheco and Blanca Manchón are all familiar with.

Muscular Overload, A Common Kayaking Problem


Even though considered light injuries, muscular overloads are very common place within the world of Kayaking – where repetitive motions are performed for prolonged periods of time; failing to warm up, insufficient planning or emotional stress all contribute toits development.

Medial Epicondylitis – Golfer’s Elbow


Around 40-50% of adult golfers have developed or will develop medial Epicondylitis AKA Golfer’s Elbow; a painful swelling of the tendons of the flexores muscles. It’s not uncommon to hear of golfers quitting tournaments due to wrist pain; fortunately, treatment is simple – Anti-Inflammatory and rest.

Dislocations, sprained ankles, muscular overloads and many others are the main enemies for elite sportsmen, which can only be overcome by dedication and consistency to keep them in their spots. Physiotherapy and modern medicine always guarantee a quick recovery letting sports stars return to their pitches, courts and tracks allowing them to continue to write history.

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