Dive Into The 5 Most Explosive Spanish Football Derbies

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Rivalry, a great show and gritted teeth are the most recognizable characteristics of the king of sport displays – The derbies. This epic duel between local teams that pit the mighty against the mighty with an equally divided enthusiastic public backing them. Even though Spanish football always seems to be divided between either Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, the showdowns between Valencia and Levante, or Real Sociedad and Atheletic de Biblao should not be overlooked.

Emotions Sore In The Valencian Derby

Within the capital of the Valencian community, on more than 100 occasions have been epic encounters between Valencia Club de Futbol and Levante Union – Show stopping showdowns almost always favoring Mestalla.


Even though showdowns in the First Division are not as frequent as in others, due to the fact that Levante’s history is chained to lower categories, although it has never won the ‘Camp of Valencia – except for the friendly match in 1939, it has always shown fierceness and courage before it’s enemy – This is what makes the Valencian Derby unique.

The War is Served In The Madrid Derby

With over 200 games backing it, the Madrid Derby is the most anticipated and followed within the Spanish League; it is the most played of all, and of the most followed within Europe. Di Stefano, Beckham, Aragonés, Figo, Torres have all left their legacy on this derby, with Falcao now being it’s protagonist, Ronaldo and other such legends.


Very few showdowns are as great as that between Real Madrid and Atlético, where a fire burns within every fans heart each time a player scores a goal, making every clash between these teams an epic encounter – Something that has to be seen to believe.

Fraternal Showdown In The Sevilla Derby

Even though the Sevilla Derby is famed for lackluster matches, it is known for the animosity and honor of its players; since 1909 when the first encounter took place, nothing has been able to stop the rivalry between these clubs.


Regarding Real Betis and Sevilla, relates to the most personal encounter possible within Spanish territory, where the passion for the sport clashes, for better or worse, for fans of the two teams.

The Duel of Giants in The Vasco Derby

No room for hesitation here, one of the most intense derbies of all takes place on Vascan territory. La Real Sociedad and Athletic Club of Bilbao have been squaring off for almost a century each time demonstrating their best game on the grasses of the Anoeta and San Mamés stadiums – privileged venues for such a unique event.


Historically, the red and whites have been victorious on numerous occasions, having said that, players of San Sebastian have also managed to leave their mark on history, with games such as that of 1988, when they managed to better Bilbao 4-1; a victory that is still remembered to this day, every time the teams compete against each other.

Sparks Fly In The Barcelona Derby

Ever since the first match in 1900, the fraternal rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Club Deportivo Español has never ceased to intensify after hundreds of crucial matches – A derby that delights fans each year from Camp Nou and the Corneprat.


It should come as no surprise to anyone just how popular these derbies have become; The Madrid Derby in 2007, for example, had a television audience of 4,4 million viewers; the Sevilla Derby in 2013 had 2,4 million, with the Barcelona Derby racking in a whopping 5 million viewers – Shocking figures for these equally shocking showdowns which provoke the best and worst out of the fans that follow them.

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