Fernando Alonso Leaves Ferrari In Hopes of A Third Title In McLaren

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After months of rumors and heated debate, Fernando Alonso arrives at McLaren ready to break eight years of personal disappointment and return glory to the Woking in 2015. The English team, which was decanted by Jenson Button as a companion of the Oviedo, could be ready for battle if Honda engines meet the expectations, although it seems that we will be in store for yet another season of disappointment.


” We are very confident, but we have to be realists. We rely on the people and the installations to be in a very competitive position. I Have come to finish what was started in 2007. ” stated the 2 time champion during the Woking presentation last December.

The shadow of 2007 still looms overhead; the Spanish driver, and newbie Lewis Hamilton both signed one of the most disastrous seasons of McLaren, losing the title by just one point and due to hundreds of internal problems. Director Ron Dennis, was considered to be the main culprit, in delaying the return of the Asturian.

” We both feel that we have to finish what was started”, confessed Dennis, CEO of McLaren, ” We have to show it now more than ever. ” Although the idea of repeating the formula should not convince the two-time champion, the prospects of Maranello – Stefano Domenicali and Montezemolo out of play – leave much to be desired.

The Prancing Horse, From Bad To Worse

1.186 points. 44 podiums. 11 Victories. 3 sub champions – Closing figures of one of the most disappointing chapters of Formula One. Fernando Alonso, 33 years of age, says good-bye to the ” Shield ” of Ferrari after five years of frustration, disappointments and bitter sweet moments on and off the track.


” Many will think I’m crazy for leaving Ferrari, but i need to win … It’s in my DNA. ” stated the Asturian, whose desire to leave was brewing since the preseason tests up to the last bars of the Championship in September, when he finally made the decision to leave the team of the ” The Prancing Horse “.

The dismissal of Stefano Domenicali, the departure of Luca di Montezemolo and constant attacks by Italian press all provoked this outcome, who all were fearing since the start of summer.The Woking Team will be the new home for Alonso during the following years, but will the British machinery live up to this 2 time champion’s standards ?

New Team, New Ambitions

In the hearts of all, are the seasons between 1988-1991, where the trident of Senna, McLaren and Honda were represented in some of the most epic duels in the history of Formula 1. With the re-incorporation of the Japanese brand, and the return of the Asturian, the MP4.20 is missing neither muscle nor talent, and should be destined to victory.


” I grew up with an idol and with the imagine of what it meant to win the F1 and now i have the honor, the opportunity and the privilege to be part of the new era of McLaren-Honda and it’s an inspiration for me. ” Confessed Alonso, who will share the team with British Jenson Button, whilst rookie Kevin Magnussen remains on the side-lines.

Short term the Yasuhisa Arai, responsible for Honda, predict a year of screening. They must lay the foundations for the success, and these foundations must be solid, but both Alonso and Ron Dennis have one and the same goal: Victory. ” The alliance between McLaren and Honda will mark a union in which many victories will be woven over a long period of time. ” claims the Spaniard.

Times of Glory For Spanish Automobiles

10 years ago Spain was virtually non-existent within the motoring category – Pedro de la Rosa and Marc Gené pussy-footed around the track donned in Spanish colors bringing more grief than glory. It would be during 2005, with Fernando Alonso backed by Renault when the Formula 1 would become a sport followed by masses in Spain and ever since that day everything changed.


The Spanish presence within competitions is promised to increase during the next few years; Carlos Saínz Jr. will debut during 2015 at the hands of Toro Rosso, a very hopeful ???Daniel Juncadella and Roberto Merhi may also from part of the great circuit in a near future.

Times of glory for Spanish automobiles are those in which we now reside – Thanks being given to the media, institutions, Summer Camps etc. which all help to promote and dignify one of the most passionate sports.

McLaren and Honda, with Fernando Alonso backed by the experience of Jenson Button, promise a brighter future in 2015- Far behind lie the times of Ferrari stained by the blackness of deceit. ” Time will tell whether this was a good or bad decision “

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