5 Infallible Tips For Learning Spanish Quickly

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Do you think that learning a new language means studying boring lessons for hundreds of hours upon end? Then there is nothing to worry about! There are countless benefits of learning a language abroad, and one of them is the greater speed at which a language can be learned; Traveling a lot, falling in love with the Spanish culture and most importantly losing the fear of making mistakes are the key factors to understanding and learning a fascinating language such as Spanish. If you are wondering how to learn Spanish quickly, then you are in luck! The following paragraphs will teach you some of the quickest ways and best tips to learning this fascinating language!

What is the biggest secret of the polyglots? Matthew Youlden, Loannis Ikonomou, Bebby Lewis and Vladimir Skultety are unique for their ability to speak dozens of languages effortlessly – A feat that dwarfs those who go out of their way to learn just one, however do not despair! Learning to speak a second language can be easy, quick and possibly even fun if you follow these tips!

Immerse Yourself 24 Hours A Day

Immersing yourself in the Spanish language 365 days a year is vital to understanding all of its expressions, broad vocabulary as well as helping you to differentiate the countless accents that coexist within the Spanish territory; In order to accomplish this, the most recommended piece of advice would be to enjoy a stay at Madrid, Alicante, or Barcelona through a school trip, summer camp or similar experience – The crucial point being travelling to a country that keeps you in constant contact with the language.

Fall In Love With The Spanish Culture

Another crucial factor to learning Spanish quickly, is letting yourself get carried away by the charm of the Hispanic culture, society and customs, something that is particularly easy in the case of Spain, a country brimming with incredible celebrations and festivities. Loannis Ikonomou, speaker of 32 different languages, confirms that the best way to learn a language is to fall in love with its culture, historical past, cuisine, art and music.

Turn Your Mistakes Into Successes

Are you afraid of making a mistake? Then you are not the only one, however, as Matthew Youlden, member of the Babbel Lingustic platform, points out, getting rid of fear is the essential way to speed up the learning process of the Spanish language. “It doesn’t matter when you study, you will never speak a language if you do not put yourself in a specific situation – Talk to foreigners in their language, ask for directions, ask about food, try and make jokes; The more times you try, the greater your comfort zone will expand, allowing you to face new situations with greater ease.”

Travel, Learn, Repeat

Who doesn’t like traveling and exploring the world? This is precisely one of the best recommendations that students wishing to learn a new language can receive; Bebby Lewis, an Irish polyglot capable of speaking seven different languages, endorses this method of learning due to its countless advantages, as well as being able to learn and explore unknown cultures.


Revise What You Have Learned (Or You Will Forget)

We have heard it a thousand times – Revising what we have learned is just as important as learning, in order to preserve the knowledge we have acquired; As stated by polyglot Vladimir Skultety, ” Maintaining acquired knowledge of a language is extremely important and becomes crucial when you have already learned more than 5 different languages; If you do not make a daily effort to revise them, you will begin to lose your skills very quickly.”

Now that you know how to learn Spanish quickly, you must put these tips into practice to add a new language to your repertoire; As an old Chinese proverb states, ” To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. “

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