Marquez, Rossi and the Qatar GP Kick Off A Season Full Of Emotion

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The MotoGP 2016 season officially starts this upcoming March where Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and above all Jorge Lorenzo will return to give it their all in the 18 races on that lay ahead on the calendar, where we will once again witness emotions and spectacles that this motorcycling category is known for. 2015 a season that was as vibrant as ever which featured many epic showdowns which will be repeated once again in Qatar as soon as the traffic light turns green.


The return of Michelin tyres, the introduction of unique electronics and the arrival of young talents such as Tito Rabat are just some of the innovations that will mark this season. Jorge Lorenzo, current champion, hopes to break
the dreaded number 1 curse of this category but is far from the people’s favourite Valentino Rossi who continues to show exceptional skills, where as Marc Marquez seems to have learned from his mistakes in 2015, we cannot forget about Dani Pedrosa for a chance at the title.

2015 – A Season To Remember or Forget?

Last season can be described as many things, explosive, controversial etc. and none of these are far from the truth; Whatever the case, all fans agree that the duels between Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Marquez and Rossi shocked the audiences, breaking all-time records, however it would be the finals that would become the most memorable, good or for bad, for the fans.

After winning his second championship in 2014, after years of success and failures for the Spanish sport, Marquez was considered to be the favourite for the title, however due to his inexperience, he would abandon the race track on 6 separate occasions; Yamaha racers Rossi and Lorenzo did not miss this opportunity however it would be the ‘Doctor’ that would take the lead in hopes of winning his tenth gold – Until Sepang changed everything.An unfortunate career choice led to Marquez being placed in last position in the Valencian race, thus deciding the champion, and breaking his friendship with Honda’s racer sparking one of the biggest controversies of the sport which still continued to take its toll weeks after the Grand Prix Cheste.

Misunderstandings, pressure on the Italian and a one-sided press all exacerbated the incident shadowing the last stretch of this spectacular championship, however after withdrawing his appeal against the IMF(International Motorcycling Federation) Rossi seems to have turned a new page – Sportsmanship will return to the track and his relationship with Marquez, who he has known since 2008, will resume once again sooner or later.


3 Favourites For The MotorGP 2016

Lorenzo Will Try For His Sixth Gold; The capabilities of Michelin, plus the new electronics are sure to have a great effect on the next world championship, something that Honda is sure to be worried about; Lorenzo has also demonstrated on more than one occasion a perfect consistency making him a clear contender for the title, at least on paper.

World Champion At 37 Years of Age? ” I’m not worried about age, if you look at the history of sports and age, there are practically no changes between 36 and 37 ” comments Valentino Rossi and he is not without reason, last season he fought to the very end, meaning if Yamaha are in peak condition again, he will have yet another opportunity to show his competitiveness against his younger rivals.

Marquez – The Path To Success; Becoming the youngest to win the championship in history was one of the biggest disappointments of the year for fans and non-followers alike, that being said, he is still the bookies favourite to win considering he has learned to live with losses and accepted his limitations – It would come as no surprise if he manages to ride the road of success in 2016.

The Qatar kicks off on the 27th of March and finishes on the 29th, starting a season with many questions, however one thing is for certain – Lorenzo, Rossi, Marquez and Pedrosa will return to impress us on the race track, something you cannot miss!

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