The Jardines del Turia, A Natural Paradise On The Shores of Turia

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Spanning 9 kilometres, the Jardines del Turia (Gardens of Turia) are an unending source of adventure, history and beauty; Since its opening in the late XX century, this urban wonder has continued to captivate all its visitors, being one of the favourite attractions for both national and international tourists. What treasures does it hide? What is the story behind it? Why is it so important for the city of Valencia? All these answers will soon be revealed.


The Comunitat Valencia is famous for its green landscapes; Visiting Tarbarca, boat trips around the Parque Natural de La Albufera and exploring the Parque de Cabecera are just some of the things on offer, however perhaps the most intriguing are the Jardines del Turia. This riverside walk, located in an old riverbed of the same name, is divided into twelve sectors where nature can be found in all its glory.

From East to West, thick masses of poplars, palm, orange and pines trees can be found complemented by fountains and ponds decorated with floral arrangements. Whilst we walk through this vicinity, designed by architect Ricardo Bofill as well as many others, we can find 18 bridges, connecting various museums, monuments and attractions of the city. El Puente de La Trinidad (Trinity Bridge) is the longest, whilst the Real and Serranos bridges pertain to the XVI century without of course forgetting the importance of the San José, Flores and Artes bridges.

Very few know the story behind this walk, which dates back to the great flood of Valencia on October 14, 1957, as a result of two overflows in Turia. Previously before, the city had experienced similar episodes in 1555, 1557, 1577 and 1581. There was yet again another flood in 1589, which was capable toppling a wooden bridge which was then replaced by the famous Puente del Mar. As a consequence, they then proceeded to eliminate the danger of these waters, and at the same time gave birth to the park we now all enjoy today.

The park continues to amaze that from the ashes of one of the most provincial tragedies, the Valencians managed to create one of the most beautiful urban gardens on the continent. In memory of those lost during the tragedy, mayor Pérez Casado in 1982 ordered the construction of the Momumento a las Victimas de las Riadas del Turia, a monument which can be found at the old train station in Aragón.

Jardines del Turia – Valencia’s Big Attraction

Between the Parque de Cabecera and the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, we can find some of the biggest and most famous attractions of the province: ‘Parque Gulliver’, ‘las pistas de ocio del Tramo 12’, ‘Bioparc’, ‘l’Oceanogràfic’, ‘Palau de les Arts’, ‘el Gulliver’ and ‘Palau de la Música’ are just some of the places this province has to offer- Its clear to see there are plenty of opportunities to have fun on offer.

Whether it be by bicycle, train or on foot, this unique tour is an experience worth enjoying at least once, and it’s no surprise that 7,000,000 people each year are left captivated by the Jardines del Turia – Truly a treasure of the Levantine Coast.

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