The Volvo Ocean Race Museum, Where Legends And Treasure Come Together For All To See Under One Roof

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In the heart of Alicante, you can find one of the most fascinating and well-presented museums within the Costa Blanca; this is the Volvo Ocean Race museum, where expositions, ocean artifacts, interactive zones and many other things related to sailing all come together under one roof.


Despite its short history, the museum’s exhibitions have already captivated the imaginations of fans from all around the world, a number which never ceases to grow. Just last year, over 35,000 people visited the museum; over 30% were foreigners proving further still just how famous this establishment is becoming.

A Cultural Odyssey For The Volvo Ocean Race

In June 2012, when the museum was opened, it was predicted that it would grasp the public’s attention, causing an impact not only on Spanish fans but also enthusiasts from all over Europe; and that it did with 6,000 people attending it’s opening. With all its unique facilities that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, it’s understandable why it has become so famous on an international level.


Spanning 1,3000 meters squared, we can find an ample cultural offering of the heroes and treasures of this competition; one of the most surprising elements of this museum is the quantity of interactive games and touch screens etc. which will guarantee to please the younger members of the household.

However the center isn’t just limited to providing general information but tries to delve into the more unique aspects of the race including the technology of the boats, the ecosystem and the aquatic flower and fauna. A section is also devoted to the most famous navigators where you can learn about both them and their feats.

For keen enthusiasts of sailing and sea, there is nothing like trying the simulator ” The Ride ” – the museums most famous attraction, where you can experience all the emotions of a sailor. The scale models of the Volvo Open 70, Volvo Ocean Race trophy, and the yacht ” Brazil 1 ” champion of 2005-2006, as well as navigation instruments etc. all top off the experience and make a more complete package.

The installation has been carefully designed, and is divided into 2 sections; the ground floor is both home to expositions, main facilities of the museum and the tourist shop, a perfect place to pick up a souvenir; on the first floor is a Café, where the backdrop is a lovely view of the Levantine coast.

A Perfect Start To Plant Seeds of New Greatness

Of all the Olympic categories, sailing has been the most successful amongst Spanish sportsmen – 17 medals, with only one being bronze.Contributing to and aiding the Volvo Ocean Race museum are various organizations including clubs, sports camps and the RFEV federation, which not only help keep the sport alive but also help bring the sport to the new generation, who could potentially become the next champions.


The Volvo Ocean Race is a maritime contest that very few can overcome. Participants are separated by 40,000 nautical miles from start to finish, which crosses over five continents. The Volvo Ocean Race Museum has something to offer to enthusiasts and non-alike of all ages – A definite stop tourists who visit the region.

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