How Will Global Warming Affect The Costa Blanca

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Drastic rises in global temperatures, growing contamination and constant increasing forest fires, will drastically affect the Costa Blanca in 30 years, as shown by studies. Even now it is suffering the consequences of human activity during the last few decades – What will the future hold for the Costa Blanca? How will global warming affect this paradise?


The reality is, that Planet Earth is slowly dying, and we are the culprits; these last few days of intense debate are showing us that the parasitic like actions of human beings, will cause an early death for Earth, which will become even more prominent when our daily behaviour starts to seriously affect the ecosystem.

A recent study by the OMS revealed that residents in certain European cities are exposed to levels of contamination three times the permitted – A reality that the Comunitat Valenciana shares. The Ecogolistas Action group stated their concerns in 2010; last year the OMS themselves warned just how high the levels of air contamination were not only in Valencia and Castellon, but also in Paris, Lisbon and Berlin.

The increase in temperature ( around 2ºc between 1850 and 2005 ), the decline in snow and the destruction or modification of nature’s habitats also constitute undeniable evidence of this constantly growing problem, which is now even affecting crops and vineyards. But if these are the problems we are facing today, what can we expect in 2030 or 2050 ?

The coastal paradises of the Costa Blanca, the peak tourism territories, will all eventually disappear from the map, as consequences of the ocean levels rising – The loss of sand in some Levantine beaches is a already a sign of things to come; a centimetre of ocean level is equivalent to a meter of the coast. What would happen if the ocean levels increased by 10, 20 or even 30 centimetres ? In the worst case scenario, key cities within the coast such as Benidorm and Valencia would be flooded and eventually end up beneath the ocean.

An Opportunity To Change The Current Situation


Among the prime causes of environmental contamination, we can point to excessive deforestation and the emission of pollutant gases such as carbon dioxide , methane gas and hydrocarbons that are all produced as a result of traffic, industrial factories or industrial plants. We have become a race that cannot self-sustain, and as a result have resorted to the above practices; because of this, the Valencian capital has set out to become the first ‘ Smart City ‘.

The idea proposed is intelligent use of existing buildings, and taking advantage of renewable energies, in an innovative attempt to become more energy efficient and self-sustaining. There is still a very long way to go, but initiatives have been taken such as that of REDS, A Spanish Network created for Self-Sustaining Development, which was created at the beginning of the year, which may be able to provide a light for us at the end of the tunnel.

It’s plain to see that Europe needs to be made aware that there is still a golden opportunity to reverse the current grim situation that exists today – Now more than ever the future of the Earth rests in our hands, not only for our generation, but future generations to come.

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