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Summer Camps & Sports Camps FAQ'S

This is not a problem. We wait for our students until they arrive, no matter what the time. Please let us know at least two week in advance your flight details. We will track the flight on the website of the airport and we will be waiting for the students.
We will make that day something special for them. Leave it with us!
Yes. You will receive the insurance policy once your registration is confirmed on one of our courses. All the details about coverage, claims, etc are there. We can send it to you in advance if you want us to, just let as know by email.
Of course, providing there is room. Please contact Head Office who will be able to advise you. Adjustments to the price may be required.
Small accidental breakages will be ignored but we reserve the right for our Head Office to contact you with an invoice should the dame be more serious.
We appreciate and understand that any child can suffer from homesickness during their time at camp. If you think that this will happen then it is advisable to keep contact to an absolute minimum during the first 48 hours of their holiday, as we often find that by the third day homesickness has vanished. Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for any student who leaves the camp due to homesickness. Premature departure is at parent/guardian expense.
We seek and strive to the maximum that everything goes well. However, if your child has a problem at the camp he / she can report it to any member of staff, including the management or do it through you. We will be happy to help and solve the problem immediately.

School trips FAQ'S

Customized Programs: Spanish classes, travel, sports, dates, duration, etc.

Special booking and cancellation conditions

All Expenses in Spain included for the group leader ( 1/20 students)

Discount of 100 € per contracted program for groups of over 30 students.

Of course, we offer courses and sports activities for students between 14 and 18 years old. Once in Alicante, students are divided into groups for the Spanish and the sport lessons.
Yes you can. In summer due to high demand of students we have fixed starting dates for the courses. But if you're interested in coming on any different dates, we can prepare a program according to your preferences and needs at any time of year. Minimum group size for customized programs is 20 students and minimum length of the program is 1 week. Just find out what we can do for your school contacting us by email.
Yes, in some cases depending on the nationality of the group it is a legal requirement for children to be accompanied by an adult to fly from origin. You should check these requirements in your country of origin. ISC recommends that school groups come with at least 1 home teacher. ISC offers all expenses free of charge for accompanying teachers with the ratio 1 teacher/20 students.
Of course, once booked, our academic leader will contact you in order to have an overall idea of what your students need to improve most. He will then plan a teaching schedule that will be sent to you for approval.
Yes, we have contacts with travel agents all over the world. However this service is usually best offered by local transport companies. Regarding the flight you should know: If you fly from anywhere in Europe you will almost certainly have a direct flight to Alicante. For those schools coming from another continent the best option to get to Alicante is a stopover in London or Madrid

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