School trip to Alicante

Would you like to visit one of the most beautiful destinations on the Mediterranean coast? Alicante holds a very special place in our hearts at ISC and the trip to this wonderful city always goes down a treat for the people who are lucky enough to go on it.

Different people will be attracted by different things in the city as there’s so much to enjoy: stunning architecture, a buzzing social life, excellent shopping, a great climate, sandy beaches, the Spaniards’ enviable fashion and style, strong Catalan and Spanish influences and, of course, that old Spanish knack of bringing out exotic, lazy lunches under a hot Mediterranean sun and tasty tapas feasts as the sun goes down.

During your school trip to Alicante, you will get to visit some of the city’s most desired tourist destinations, such as the ‘San Nicolás' cathedral, the 'Museo de las Hogueras' museum, Terra Natura Animal Park and many other interesting locations. And of course, don’t forget about the delicious Mediterranean cuisine where rice is a key ingredient - up to 115,000 tons of rice is cultivated a year!

Quintessentially Spanish yet unique in so many ways, the school trip to Alicante is there to be lived to the full.

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Alicante School Trip - Course and Programme Info

Package Fixed, elements may not be changed.

20 lessons per week (each lesson 45 mins).

6 nights

2 group leaders

Airport Transfer, return from Alicante airport

Accommodation, student residence, twin/triple rooms, full board

Price per student - based on minimum 40 students (includes lessons, all activities below, full board accommodation, transfers to and from Alicante Airport).
* Prices quoted do not include flights. ISC can arrange flights on your behalf. Please contact us for more information.

Programme Info


Arrival at airport. Transfer to location & settle in our student residence.


Morning reception at the school, level test and morning language classes. Afternoon guided tour through Alicante.


Morning language classes. Afternoon visit to San Nicolás' Concathedral and City Hall.


Morning language classes. Afternoon visit to the Bonfires Museum to learn more about Alicante’s traditional fiestas.


Morning language classes. Afternoon visit to the Cribs Museum.


Morning language classes. Afternoon half-day excursion to Terra Natura Animal park.


Departure for Alicante airport.

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