A parent's guide

If you have children between 13 and 18 years of age and you are thinking of planning a language visit combined with sports, cultural and leisure activities in Spain for them, Alicante and ISC is the perfect combination.

Whether you have already chosen us or if you're still looking for reasons to do so, please let us explain how we look out for your children and how you can personalise all the details of the programmes according to their particular needs.

We are looking forward to your child arriving in Alicante, and we want them to make the most of their experience during their time with us. Please use the guide below to answer any questions you may have before, during or after your child's stay. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the company or our programmes.

The rest of the programme specifications are in the "General Conditions of the Programme". You will find this in each programme’s brochure and on the registration forms.


All staff members have been carefully selected. Young people are the foundations of ISC and that is why all of the staff members have extensive experience dealing with young people and have a professional qualification to prove it. Following the selection interviews, only those who are passionate about being with young people are selected. Students are supervised around the clock by ISC group leaders. The children per instructor ratio is 1 instructor for every 10 children. At night there are staff who stay at the residence.


The insurance policy included in all of our programmes includes 24/7 health care service.

If your child has any additional medical requirements, please let us know about this in the registration form, detailing the requirement – e.g. medication, dietary requirements, illnesses, allergies etc. The group leader will look after every individual detail for each student. Because of the sun, drinking a lot of water, sun protection, and wearing a cap will be compulsory during the sport activities.


Alicante has more than 80 international destinations. The plane ticket and transfers in your home country are not included in the price, however we are happy to book the plane ticket for your child if you prefer ( let us know by email ). Once in Alicante, ISC staff will be waiting for the students to take them to the ISC Camp.

If a student requires an individual transfer from the airport (e.g. takes a flight at an unusual time or is travelling on his/her own), they will also be picked up by an ISC group leader.


We hope that every child who joins us for an ISC holiday will enjoy all the aspects of their stay. We will not tolerate any kind of anti-social behaviour. Any teasing, bullying or unacceptable conduct will be dealt with by the Centre Manager as a matter of urgency. Fortunately, we have very few incidents that require us to implement our Rules and Code of Conduct procedures. If, during their stay, your child reports any problems to you relating to the above, then please inform us as soon as possible so that we can deal with the matter immediately. If the Centre Manager decides that due to persistent bad behaviour a child has to be sent home, then it will be entirely at the expense of the parent/guardian concerned. Under these circumstances we will not consider a refund.


We have a no-tolerance policy on smoking and alcohol at ISC and both are strictly forbidden. Any ISC camper found to be either drinking alcohol or smoking will be sent home immediately. The flights will have to be paid for by the parents and no refund will be offered. This is confirmed in the rules and regulations which are sent in an email after your child signs up for an ISC package.


Personal hygiene is very important. It is imperative that all children shower at least once a day after practising their sport.


Good nutrition is essential for the growth of children and even more for the physical and mental effort involving sports and Spanish classes. ISC will personally see that all our students have a varied diet based on Mediterranean ingredients (fruit, pasta, fish ,meat and vegetables). A vegetarian option will also be available.


Parents can visit their children in Alicante. You must simply communicate the dates of your visit. If you want us to manage your stay we will be happy to help you.


We offer a wide variety of evening activities after dinner organised by the group leaders that are compulsory for the students to attend – apart from in special circumstances, for instance, illness or severe tiredness. The activities range from karaoke to bowling. Once these activities are done, then it is time for bed.

The lights off time varies from night to night depending on the evening activity but it is usually between 10:30pm and midnight.


The curfew is therefore at the times stated above (depending on evening activities). When your child signs up for the camp, you will be emailed an authorisation form. You can fill this out and decide to either not allow your child to go out after the curfew or you may allow your child to go out at night after the evening activities until a certain time. This authorisation means that after the time of the curfew, your child’s well-being becomes your responsibility.

We do not however recommend that your child goes out on their own without the supervision of an ISC monitor.

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