Spanish + Golf

Some people say that golf is a good walk spoilt, but we don’t agree! International Spanish Courses have created a golf experience, which encompasses all the majesty of this great sport. If you’re between 13 and 18 and fancy the idea of 18 holes in the sun, then this is the one for you! You’ll get to drive and putt on some beautiful courses, and make some great new friends! So while you’re working on your handicap, you’ll also get the chance to polish up on your Spanish too.

Improve your golf skills

Lower your handicap

Beginner, medium & competition levels

3 hours a day of golf every week

A unique golf experience in Spain

Spanish lessons

Learning the language and culture of Spain is the main focus of our programs. You will be able to learn and greatly improve your competence of Spanish in the classroom 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

The lessons take place in small groups, which promote a dynamic and enjoyable environment that can be adapted to your level.

The Spanish lessons are given by our Spanish native teachers, they are specialists in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

ISC will be in charge of the teaching and will provide the certification of your learning achievements.

Spanish lessons video


The golf classes are given in the Plantio golf course, one of the best mediterranean golf courses. You may want to check more details at its website. Once there, students will get lessons depending on their level. There are 3 levels:

  • Perfecting
  • Initiation
  • Competition

Where does it take place?

Alicante, capital of the Costa Blanca (White Coast), is a medium sized city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its unbeatable location and weather, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year and an average temperature around 18º, make of Alicante and its surroundings an ideal area to visit and enjoy throughout the year.

The Altet airport, one of the busiest of Spain, with over 80 international destinations is the main gateway to over 4.5 million international tourists received annually by the province.

Alicante is all about the sea, culture, sports, and more... perfect for learning, practicing sports and, of course, enjoy the typical Mediterranean culture and customs.


All our students will be staying at ISC Campus next to the University of Alicante and just a few meters from their Spanish lessons. Students will spend a major part of the time during their stay there, that's why its facilities and amenities are of great interest to us.

All students will have a single room, own bathroom and plenty of common areas such as study rooms,sports facilities, computer room, television room and restroom and so on.

Learn more about our accomodation ...

Culture and Leisure

Sports and study are not the only contents of our programs, culture and entertainment will complete your experience!

Several evening activities are organized every week. Likewise, during the weekend stay in Alicante you can enjoy various leisure and cultural activities: visit the castle of Alicante, walk around the fishing town of Campello, visit to the MARQ museum in Alicante, typical Spanish dinner, karaoke, bowling , and much more...

The farewell party will come the day before last, and as we don't want it to be a sad day, we will all go (students, teachers and staff) to have fun in Terra Mítica Theme park!

Trips and Excursions

Trip to Madrid

After the whole week of study and sports there is no better way to relax than a weekend trip to one of our most fascinating cities in Spain. Madrid, the capital of Spain, will show you the high points of Spanish culture. Museums, art galleries, parks and garden will open up a whole world of experience.


Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July

Terra Mí­tica and Mundomar

The second week will bring you to visit one of the best Theme Park in Spain , " Terra Mítica " and the Natural Park "MundoMar ".We will visit Terra Mí­tica on Saturday and Mundomar on Sunday. Terra Mí­tica is a fun filled them park, which will offer you the perfect place to wind down after an actions packed week of Spanish and sport.


Saturday 1st of July Saturday 15th of July Saturday 5th of August

Water Park

The Saturday of the third week will bring you to visit the biggest water park in Spain , " Aqualandia ".


Saturday 9th of august Saturday 22nd of July Saturday 12th of July

Arrival at the airport

ISC staff will be waiting at the airport for the students to get them to ISC Campus.

If a student requires individual transfer from the airport (e.g. takes a different flight or travelling on his/her own) will also be picked up by a ISC group leader.

Location & Transport

Our monitors make all transfers to and from the ISC Campus in our private vans and buses or by experienced transport companies that work in partnership with ISC. From the arrival at Alicante airport students do not have to worry about anything apart from learning and enjoying their stay, we deal with everything else.


On arrival at the airport, all students will be accompanied by our group leaders 24 hours a day ! Our Staff / Student ratio is 1 instructor for every 10 students and they will be responsible for accompanying students throughout all their daily activities, take good care of them and help when they have any questions or doubts.


1,050.00 €
2,100.00 €
3,000.00 €
4,000.00 €
Price includes

20 hours a week of Spanish lessons

12 hours a week of Golf

Full board accommodation in a single room with private bathroom, internet and all the facilities

Transfer from/to the Airport

Extra activities everyday and excursions to Madrid, Theme park & Aquatic park

24 hours supervision by our staff ratio 1:10

Medical insurance

Price does NOT include

Plane tickets

Travel insurance

Extra night: 100 €

Official starting dates

1st of July to 8th of July
22nd of July to 29th of July
1st of July to 15th of July
22nd of July to 5th of August
1st of July to 22nd of July
22nd of July to 12th of August
1st of July to 29th of July

Alternative starting dates

8th of July to 15th of July
15th of July to 22nd of July
29th of July to 5th of August
5th of August to 12th of August
8th of July to 22nd of July
15th of July to 29th of July
29th of July to 12th of August
8th of July to 29th of July
15th of July to 5th of August
8th of July to 5th of August
15th of July to 12th of August

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